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The boom in fintech industry from past couple of years is remarkable. At the end of the day someone out there is making new version of UPI. By seeing the trends and my own interest i thought to design one fintech app where user can do everything they need in one single app for all their debit/credit cards. 

Concept Idea

The Basic idea was to design an app that allows users to:

  • Get best insights of their credit/debit card

  • Pay/send money, also grab offers while paying at local stores

  • Receive payments from anyone without sharing phone number.

  • View their ongoing subscription or recurring payments

  • Save money for their wish list products and later show them best deals for that product once they complete saving plan

  • See all ongoing offers for credit/debit card

This app was just to improve my thought process so i’ve not done detailed research. also, i designed only send and receive flow of this app because of limited time. but, i will try to design complete app in near future. Till then, here is what i’ve designed

App Design

User Verification

User will be asked to enter mobile number and an OTP will be sent for verification.

user verification.png

Bank Verification

User will be asked to choose bank from the list and verification with bank will be done by linked mobile number.


Home Page

I tried to fit all the main actions on home page so user can get all the features easily.


Payment Flow

User will be able to pay using UPI or credit/debit card


Receive Flow

User will be able to receive money by QR code and by generating payment link from those who doesn't have this app installed.


I've designed only payment and receive flow for now, but i've clear idea what this app can do. i can explain everything in detail about each feature. I will definitely try to explore more into fintech industry.

Thank you for giving your valuable time!

If you have any suggestion or feedback for this app, let me know on twitter.  

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