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A little good in every bad

Everyone go through some ups and downs in life, and i was going through the same as this is the most critical age of mine. So, i closed my eyes and started thinking, “what’s exact going on” “what’s the things i am forcing” “what has to be done”. To stay motivated i started reading a book by Vinita Dawra and that book taught me some really great things. That book got me to the point where it says,

There is always something good if you think in creative manner

As a kid when we first learn to write, an eraser is also as important as a pencil is. You write something, if you make mistake, erase it and starts writing it again. Nothing harmful. Just imagine how simple life would be if we treat it in similar manner. If you make mistake, just stop, correct it and start all over again.

Sadly, life becomes more complicated as it goes on. It’s not always that easy as we grow up. We leave behind deeper marks that no any eraser can erase. Correcting a mistake in life takes a lot of efforts. Erasing a pencil mistake is much easier than making up to people you may have upset or hurt with uncaring and thoughtless words.

A worthwhile human being is one who take stand on making good any hurt that he is going through or any hurt he may have caused to others. Why can’t we erase the mistakes from the past and choose only good memories? Just wait, look where you went wrong, think again and try again. if it doesn’t work, learn from it for goodness.

So what if the one you loved to distraction walked out of your life? Why punishing yourself when she enjoys her life. give some other a chance to walk into the vacant space. You will realise that life always has a way of sorting everything out. Just give it a chance to do it.

At times when life seems too tough to handle, we feels it’s better to give up. Why we can’t just treat the next moment as a fresh beginning rather than walking out of it? The problem is that most of us get so involved in the moment and so attached to everything surrounding us that makes the problem much larger and it becomes hard to handle. What is needed at that moment is a step away from the problem so that we can view it it the proper perspective and get a better way to sort it out.

As every problem and mistakes ends, each ending gives us the opportunity for a new beginning. you just need to be mature enough to take it on. there’s always some good for every happening.



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