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Building Myscout

Myscout simplifies your library of brand and product design assets with a central space for easy sharing and quick access.

Myscout is design assets management tool to simplify your brand and product design assets with a central space for easy and quick access like never before. Myscout simplifies the way of sharing and managing design assets in whole new different way.

Existing Problems

1. Collaboration between designers and other teams

If there’s multiple designers, it must be hard for them to keep all the brand assets at central space. what problems it can cause?

- File duplications

- Uploading assets repeatedly

Also, when someone from other team need design assets then designer have to export assets for them and send them via some other mediums like slack, email or cloud drive. it can be also hard for them to remember things when they need those asset again later.

2. Assets sharing in specific file format

Currently, what things are done in almost all the organisation is that, designer have to export files in different file formats and different sizes and send it personally to whoever need it. This can be very frustrating at some point in any organisation.

3. Instant access to assets

People are not able to access their assets instantly. for example, let's say someone from marketing department want assets in MS word, then S/he will need to download assets and then import those assets in MS word.

4. Time consuming sharing and too much junk storage

Currently, Assets sharing goes in following manner :

Export in specific size/format > find assets from folder which contains so many assets > share assets via email, slack, or drive > send link > download > import in tool they are working on > use asset.

Also, when assets is needed, searching that asset is also time consuming, so what designer will do is, export that assets again and again, that leads junk storage. and someone who need same assets again will download them again instead of searching in their download folders or somewhere else.

How myscout can solve these problems

Myscout is designed with taking all solution in mind first. with giving attention to each problem and use-cases , Myscout is a tool which provides:

1. Central space to manage assets

All designers can upload/sync assets at one place for easy collaboration. user can create folders hierarchy for easy management.

2. Export assets in multiple file format and sizes

If someone from other team needs assets then they can export assets directly from myscout in whatever format they want.

For example, designer have designed assets in .SVG format and someone from sales team need that assets in .PNG format. then they can export asset in PNG format in needed size from myscout anytime. so, designer don't have to export assets again and again.

3. Plugin ecosystem to get assets directly inside the tool

We have designed myscout plugins for Sketch, Figma, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MS word, MS Powerpoint, Google docs and Google Slides.

With myscout plugin, everyone can get assets directly inside the tool.

For example, people can get assets directly in these tools directly without downloading and importing assets manually. these can save a lot of time and energy.

Here is sneak peek of Myscout plugin:

4. Share assets from myscout via link and email id

With myscout, user can share assets via public link and email id. user can give permission to edit or view shared content. user can also modify permission later.

5. Sync assets from tool

With myscout plugin, designer can sync their designs directly from the tool they are designing. so there's no need to export assets or save manually. currently sync from tool is working in sketch only. designer can sync colors in myscout. also, can apply color to objects from myscout plugin.

Design Challenges

Designing myscout have been challenging in many ways. as there are many type of user. like, Admin, owner, user with can edit permission, user with can view permission, user with public link, user with private link. keeping design same for all kind of user with changing actions is way complex.

The design of myscout web version and plugin was done in such a way that everything should fit in all plugins. also, available area for plugin is different in every tool. there is just one code for everything. so responsive design was most challenging part.

Here is few part of myscout design:

Breakdown of move/copy popup for example,

Search component cases:

Landing page of myscout

There is almost 1000+ designed pages of myscout and so many components, i can't share everything here. we have tried maximum to fit all the use cases till now.

Currently, Myscout is live for beta users. you can test it by yourself here there are still some bugs to solve. so feel free to report bugs.

Thank you!



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