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The AI is taking place and growing faster in everything we can think of, in speech recognition there are many startups working on speech to text engines. I have seen many people who are not from tech background are having trouble in making documents. so, i thought what i can do with available speech to text APIs for indian people to create document in their native language. this app is just a concept so i've not designed everything in detail

App Features

The Basic idea was to design an app that allows users to:

  • Create a new document

  • Transcribe their recorded audio

  • Select from available language

  • Write in document by speaking

  • Format document

  • Use auto correction and prediction

App Design

Home page

User can create a document or transcribe media from home page and can access recently created/modified documents from home page.


New document

By clicking on record button, user will get notified that app is listening and using Speech to text API document will be created in fastest response possible. user won’t be able to create document by speech without network connectivity.


Auto correction and prediction

The app will highlight spelling or grammar mistakes and also display number of mistakes on top, so that while saving the document, user will notice there’s still some mistake remaining.

By taping on mistake, the app will show correct spelling. user will have option to use suggested correction or add word in dictionary whatever is typed. Auto prediction will work only when user is typing via keyboard


Document formatting

User will get option to format text like Align, Bold, Italic and Underline. Also, Option for adding heading and changing font size. user will be able to attach images with document.


We can ask user to add keyboards for religion language when writing document in their suitable language.

Thank you for giving your valuable time!

If you have any suggestion or feedback for this app, let me know on twitter.  

Also have a look at

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