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👋 I'm Dalsukh Tapaniya.

Designer. Dreamer. Learner.

I am a product designer focused on solving user problems and building products which help humans to do their job better, to be more productive and makes their life better.

Currently Designing for @Boloo | Ex - @Iconscout 
Community @hackinout | @ETHIndia

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💼 Work

iconscout (1 year)

Joined this startup as a Frontend Engineer and Designer, I was involved as a core member in the development and design of Myscout and Iconscout. Later, I worked as a full-time product designer.

Work done at 


I worked on Myscout, Icondrop, Assets Generator, and paper illustration and also on some part of iconscout web throughout the year.

Myscout and Icondrop by Dalukh Tapaniya

Hackathon's I designed for

My work

✍️ Case studies and writings

Tried to write and showcase my thoughts.


Instagram - UX Design Concept to Customize feed and Save time : Case Study


Colors in UI Design - Theory, Psychology and Practices

🤟 Side hustles.

Things on which i've worked on my own interest.

Mobile Apps

Designed a fintech app that let users to use their debit/credit card in better way.

Designed an app that allows users to create documents in their native language by voice


An app for freelancers who work with worldwide clients and have meetings in different timezone

Illustrations and Icons


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